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Yet another one of these bio boxes to fill in, well you know the drill. I love the internet, and I tend to spend most of my times on here while my body goes around living the life of a normal person. I like cheese, and I love design!

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Posted: 5 years ago

What is The Value of Social Media Share and Interactions?

When I first started reading about social media and the value that social media has in today’s economy, there was this notion that for every “like” you had on Facebook, you could potentially make “$1” – based on the level of interaction you had on your page. That notion hasn’t changed, and now that social media is [&hellip

Posted: 5 years ago

Keyboard Allows You To Rearrange Your Keys Based On Your Preferences

With the Large Number of Keyboards available on the market today, it’s really hard to NOT be able to find a keyboard that fits your needs. I’ve seen a couple of amazing keyboards that range from the ultra Optimus OLED Keyboard which quite literally is a tablet on a keyboard, to the old “hipster” style [&hellip

Posted: 5 years ago

The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2012

Halloween is literally right around the corner, and people are popping up ideas left and right. Usually, you can figure out who is going to be who for Halloween based on the main events that happen throughout the year. If a movie comes out, you can almost expect for people to be dressed in the [&hellip