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Would You Recognized a Perfectly Symmetrical Face: How Attractive are Symmetrical Faces?

Since I was a little kid, I remember hearing people say that most actors and famous “pretty” people had symmetrical faces. I actually grew up reading that according to science, we’re supposed to be attracted to symmetrical things, and most of us would think that we too have symmetrical faces, because we can’t find imperfections on reflections. But in [&hellip

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Iconic Brand Logos Turned Into Post Apocalyptic Brands for Zombies

A brand and a logo are supposed to make you stand out in front of a crowd. We associate logos with the goodness brought on by the company who is wearing them. When we see LG, we instantly think of Life is Good, FedEX? We think of them as Santa, Goodwill, the people that help [&hellip

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Classic Movies are Made Better With a Retro Design

I grew up with the glittery versions of these posters, and I thought they were awesome, then I came across these posters and couldn’t help but think how awesome it would be if they made the “retro” versions of these films. I really enjoy the way that the designer incorporated the entire film in a minimalist way. I guess [&hellip