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Insects With Real Weapons: An Insect Army Art Project of the Future

I remember seeing an article a while back on How Stuff Works talking about how flies and other bugs will work in the future to offer surveillance from a distance. While that may be years apart, think about how cool it would be to have robotic insect armies! if you can’t imagine that, Job van der [&hellip

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Would You Recognized a Perfectly Symmetrical Face: How Attractive are Symmetrical Faces?

Since I was a little kid, I remember hearing people say that most actors and famous “pretty” people had symmetrical faces. I actually grew up reading that according to science, we’re supposed to be attracted to symmetrical things, and most of us would think that we too have symmetrical faces, because we can’t find imperfections on reflections. But in [&hellip

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Motor Control Your Camera With CineMoco Which Allows You to Get Movie Quality Shots

Have you ever tried to take one of those mobile panoramic videos like they do in the movies? You and I probably know how difficult it is. So, hopefully after CineMoco goes into production, you’ll be able to share great looking videos with your family and friends. CineMoco was created by the guys over at [&hellip

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The iCam Will Allow You to Take Better Photos With Your iPhone

We are in the business of taking video and photos, and let me tell you, business is a-booming right now. Even more thanks to all the self-proclaimed photographers and instagram lovers on the side of the road taking photos of their food. Because of that, new developers are coming up with better digital cameras and [&hellip

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Keyboard Allows You To Rearrange Your Keys Based On Your Preferences

With the Large Number of Keyboards available on the market today, it’s really hard to NOT be able to find a keyboard that fits your needs. I’ve seen a couple of amazing keyboards that range from the ultra Optimus OLED Keyboard which quite literally is a tablet on a keyboard, to the old “hipster” style [&hellip