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A brand and a logo are supposed to make you stand out in front of a crowd. We associate logos with the goodness brought on by the company who is wearing them. When we see LG, we instantly think of Life is Good, FedEX? We think of them as Santa, Goodwill, the people that help other people from the kindness of their heart. You get the idea that I’m trying to point out here. Of course, that’s in this world, not in the world of Halloween and not in the world of Zombies.

Halloween has by far been one of the best ones this year, we finally hit that “feel good” time in both technology and creativity to make decent decorations and costumes. So, what better way to celebrate Halloween than to see how it would look if Halloween was coming from the eyes of artist and designer Ben Fellowes. He decided that he wanted to turn the most iconic brands in today’s market, into a post-apocalyptic zombie ridden era.

Ben, who lives in the UK, took a collection of easily recognizable brands like, Goodwill, Shell, Quaker, Playboy, NBA, LG, Barbie, and Fed-ED and turned them into a – creative, funny, and ingenious – logo for when you have to scour your favorite store for food or items during a full blown walking dead nightmare. Check out all the zombie apocalypse company logos posted below.

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