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I remember seeing an article a while back on How Stuff Works talking about how flies and other bugs will work in the future to offer surveillance from a distance. While that may be years apart, think about how cool it would be to have robotic insect armies! if you can’t imagine that, Job van der Molen, a Dutch artist made the job easier by creating these armies for us.

Okay, maybe they’re not that practical, but this is really something out of this world. I love the way that he incorporates weapons into it’s bug taxidermy. He basically took something like a dragonfly and turned it into a chopper, you know, because that’s the role a dragonfly would take if insects were an army. He added missiles to the backs of beetles, and tank turrets to the top of bees. Overall, Job van der Molen did a hell of a job on his work.

Job van der Molen seems to have a special fascination with bugs and weapons, so much in fact that he has a special area on his portfolio dedicated to just that, bugs with weapons. I went ahead and collected some of the images and added them to the bottom of this post so you can get an idea of how talented he is. We just have to find a way to keep his hobby just like that… a hobby. I would hate to fight hundreds of bees with “freek’n lazerz!” above their heads.

via Designboom

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