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With the Large Number of Keyboards available on the market today, it’s really hard to NOT be able to find a keyboard that fits your needs. I’ve seen a couple of amazing keyboards that range from the ultra Optimus OLED Keyboard which quite literally is a tablet on a keyboard, to the old “hipster” style keyboards like the Sojourner Keyboard; both of which will cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more affordable, check out this Puzzle Keyboard designed by Wan Fu Chun.

The Puzzle Keyboard allows you to piece together your keys to what you see fit. Wan Fu Chun wanted to allow each user to individually select their key configuration, which ultimately helped him win the Reddot award.

Puzzle Keyboard  infuses the keyboard with the notion of a puzzle, which allows for 100% personalized key arrangements and, thus, more efficient typing. This could be particularly useful if someone sustains a finger injury; they could adjust their keyboard while they recover. Keyboards can also be angled for better ergonomics and wrist relief. Furthermore, Puzzle Keyboard can provide efficient customized interaction with mobile devices, and could even be shaped like a remote control when the user is watching movies.

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