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Have you ever tried to take one of those mobile panoramic videos like they do in the movies? You and I probably know how difficult it is. So, hopefully after CineMoco goes into production, you’ll be able to share great looking videos with your family and friends. CineMoco was created by the guys over at Cinetics. Their system delivers camera movements that range from dolly shots to motor controlled timelapses that you can carry on your back. The entire system consists of several products: The SkatePlate, the SkateTrack, and the CineMoco which works with the CineSkates.

SkatePlate is the CineMoco frame as well as the ultimate upgrade for CineSkates and miniSkates! ‘Skates snap on to our brand new SkatePlate to form a killer video dolly! Arcing and linear moves set up quickly with angle markings, arms retract for storage, and the rigid design supports cameras up to 11 lbs. CineSkates and a ballhead.

CineMoco makes smooth repeatable moves for video, shoots photos between moves for timelapse photography, and moves on command for stop motion animation. It runs from open source software and includes a built in 5 hour rechargeable battery, power cable, camera trigger cable and travel bags.

If you want to get everything started, here is the quick start guide and the current draft of the instruction manual. The camera trigger works with many cameras, see the compatible camera list.

CineMoco Slider enables smooth motor controlled motion on any terrain and collapses into a backpack attachable travel bag.

The wheels ride smoothly on flat surfaces and also on SkateTrack. SkateTrack is a set of (4) two foot long aluminum rails, (3) rail connectors and (2) outrigger legs that all assemble to create a four foot track. IF you want to learn more about this check out CineMoco.com

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