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We are in the business of taking video and photos, and let me tell you, business is a-booming right now. Even more thanks to all the self-proclaimed photographers and instagram lovers on the side of the road taking photos of their food. Because of that, new developers are coming up with better digital cameras and iPhone gadgets to sell to the photographers – it’s a vicious cycle.

The one thing that I never understood is why iPhone accessories just got bigger and bigger without a purpose. Then, the iPhone 5 came out; with it came out several camera accessories that literally changed the way people took instant photography. The really cool thing about these new accessories is that they actually add special features to the already amazing iPhone 5 camera.

Take, for example, the newly announced iCam, which literally is the most advanced iPhone 5 camera accessory that I have seen. This camera accessory actually helps your iPhone take better pictures, it was developed by ADR Studio and has more features then I could list. For starters, the case is created out of aluminum and features an interchangeable Apple-Lens lenses that uses an iMount camera system. The back of the camera has a touchscreen that allows you to take better selfportraits, and allows you to access all of the features and a number of awesome settings included with the App and iPhone case. That is, if you don’t mind carrying a digital camera in your pocket. Did I mention it has a projector?

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