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Halloween is literally right around the corner, and people are popping up ideas left and right. Usually, you can figure out who is going to be who for Halloween based on the main events that happen throughout the year. If a movie comes out, you can almost expect for people to be dressed in the main character. The same goes for Games, or Cartoons. Of course, there are the classic costumes, TMNT, Ghost Busters, Freddy, Jason, and the classic “Ninja” or “My Self” costume for the people to cool to dress up.

I know if at least 20 people who are dressing up like the same thing, it’s as if they didn’t get the memo that buying generic costumes is out. If you want to “dress to impress” you seriously need to focus on making your own costume from scratch. Especially if you are a guy, while generic girl costumes are awesome to look at, guy costumes are horrible. And unless you want to spend a few hundred bucks at a “party halloween costume store” you’re going to disappoint your guests when they come and see your – “female body inspector” police officer outfit.

Remember, 2012 is the year of the years, this may perhaps be the last Halloween in history – if the 2012 Mayan calendar is correct. So you can’t sit around waiting till the night before to head over to walmart and get your costume while it’s on sale. If you’re out of ideas and really need some inspiration, here are the best costumes around from 2012 all packed up in a nifty Info graphic called – Hallowe’en – by CouponCodes4U

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