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Halloween is here, and with it will come hundreds of different children who are ready to scam the life out of their younger counterparts. If you remember anything about your childhood, is that your older brothers/sisters were always trying to trick you into trading the good candy for the crappy candy. When you complained to the parents, the big brother would bribe them with all the crappy candy and get away with it. At least that’s how it was in my family.

As we all know, trading candy is as difficult as trading stock in wall street, if you’re not careful you end up with less than what you went in with. I’ll trade you this chocolate for these 5 bags of skittles, and I’ll trade you one Skittle bag for 10 dumdums, and then I’ll give you two skittles, 7 dumdums, and 5 tootsie rolls for that chocolate. If you can keep up with that transaction, you can instantly see that there was some scamming going on from one of the parties. That’s why the guys over at Buzzfeed came up with this awesome viral video, narrated by Ze Frank which will teach you a little something-som’nt about the best optimal trading techniques. How to trade candy, organize in groups, and hide the good candy from the trading tables.


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