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When I first started reading about social media and the value that social media has in today’s economy, there was this notion that for every “like” you had on Facebook, you could potentially make “$1” – based on the level of interaction you had on your page. That notion hasn’t changed, and now that social media is practically found in every area of our lives, it seems like social media likes and shares only went up in price.

But social media is more than just the number of followers, fans, and people in your circle. Social media is all about how you can get people to share and click on the links that are being shared. Eventbrite recently completed a research that they conducted on the “value” of social media shares. The infographic attached to the bottom of the article dissects their findings. If you’re more of the type who likes to read the findings instead of see images of them, you can read the full report at Social Commerce: A Global Look At The Numbers.

Of course, Facebook is still the number one social media platform out of the major contenders. By now Facebook has literally integrated it’s self into every area of our communication, wallets, and social planners. I can give you the easiest example: a few days ago a few friends and I planned an entire even on Facebook, we messaged each other throughout the entire day on Facebook, and then ended up at a bar. This bar had a sign that read “Like our page on Facebook and check yourself in at our bar, and we’ll give you a %10 discount!” At the end of the night, we ended up saving $6, but a few days later I got a status update from that bar – Halloween night costume contest, tonight! – and guess where we was later that night? The promotion didn’t work twice in a row since we were already a “fan” of their page, so they literally made their money back. Plus a few more dollars from additional people that we brought back with us.

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