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Since I was a little kid, I remember hearing people say that most actors and famous “pretty” people had symmetrical faces. I actually grew up reading that according to science, we’re supposed to be attracted to symmetrical things, and most of us would think that we too have symmetrical faces, because we can’t find imperfections on reflections. But in all reality, according to studies conducted by researchers, they find that people find a “balanced” symmetry over a “symmetrical” symmetry.

But what if you had a symmetrical face, would you be able to recognize your self in a symmetrical room? that’s the question that Julian Wolkenstein, an Australian photographer. put up to the test. She created a series of portraits that showcased a 100% symmetrical face, she then placed them next to each other so you can see how much of a difference this made on a face.

After looking at some of the pictures, I’m at a 50/50, in my opinion I think that a symmetrical face version of a lot of these people do look better. But there were some cases where the asymmetrical face looked better. There were also a couple of images that made the faces look similar to people who I knew, or people who I saw on television.

So, would you be able to tell YOU from 100% symmetrical you? if you’re wondering how you would look with a perfectly symmetrical face, you can upload a picture of your self onto the project’s app. The app will then take your face and clone it on the other side. I think I’d like to keep my face after seeing the result of what came from the app.

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